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Cinema offers an unrivalled advertising impact with low ad avoidance,helping from a deep connect between the advertising brand and audiences. Today cinema advertising is largely known for the innovative routes...

We are Indias premiere multiplex chain with a pan India presence. Besides attracting a premium and upscale clientele with spending power, we have succeeded in creating ideal spaces for high impact advertising that engages the customer...
Other than the conventional advertising media, we offer multiple interactive media to include:
  • On Screen Slides Floor Branding
  • Leaflets Distribution Branding in Poster Windows
  • Branding in Auditoriums doors Ticket jackets from Box Office
  • And many more prominent options...
  • A Multitude of advertising options within the property enable you to not only capture the eyeballs of your target group in an ambient environment,but also help in enhancing the imagery of your brand.
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